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Toby’s Story & Our Mission

The Little Fox was created in memory of Tobias “Toby” Graham Stern, who passed away on August 24, 2016 from SIDS. His parents, Katie & Dan Stern, established a foundation in his memory. The Little Fox supports families by educating on Safe Sleep Practices and SIDS Awareness and donating Owlet Smart Sock monitors to families across the United States welcoming an infant. The Smart Socks do not prevent SIDS. These devices are a tool to be used in addition to the ABC’s of Safe Sleep (Alone. Back. Crib.). Every infant. Every time.

The Little Fox is a partner with Owlet Baby Monitors and raises money to purchase Smart Socks that are in turn donated to families. It is our hope that through the efforts of The Little Fox – Toby’s Foundation, and other Foundations across the United States like ours, that each family bringing home a new baby can have a Smart Sock device, providing peace of mind.

In addition, The Little Fox is dedicated to partnering with local organizations in the Pittsburgh area to spread joy to families and children, in the community, the way Toby brought joy to his family for the 12 weeks that he was here on Earth.

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I’ve looked at this picture 100xs since Wednesday morning. I was up


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Through the efforts of our supporters, The Little Fox – Toby’s Foundation is able to fulfill donation requests for Owlet Smart Socks, placing them in homes of families that have experienced a loss, families expecting multiples or pregnancy complications, or families that may not be able to afford an Owlet.

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