November 2016

Signs from Heaven

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook  you may have seen my post from Thanksgiving morning. I have spent the last 13, going on 14, weeks looking, longing, desperately wanting to see something, find something, hear something that would soften this feeling of uncertainty – make me feel like Toby is OK. When my […]

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Happy Six Months, Toby!

I can’t believe Toby was six months yesterday. I must have closed my eyes a dozen times, trying to imagine what he would look like now. I wish I knew what he would have liked right now. I watched our nieces over the Thanksgiving holiday and kept thinking, “He should be right here on the

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Taking Things Slow

So often we spread ourselves thin with the intention of greatness. We set goals and write “to-do” lists. Many times I run through the evening thinking about all the things to do tomorrow to find its bed time again. Over the past few months I have been making a conscious effort to make the evening

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