Beautiful Gardens

When it comes to plants, I don’t exactly have a knack for planting a variety of things or a garden that’s full of beautiful plants (I’m hoping that will come with age). We are so very lucky that Dan’s mom, Nancy, and sister, Megan are great with plants and can make anything grow. Megan is also now a “Simmons” – she married into the very popular Simmons Farm enterprise in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. If you’ve never been there, please check it out! And if you have, you probably have as much appreciation for what this family does on a daily basis to grow and produce all of the beautiful and delicious fruits, vegetables and flowers that they have year round. It’s amazing!

When we started talking a few months ago about giving the front yard a face lift Megan offered to put some hanging baskets together for us and bring us some perennials that would work with the partial shade we have in the front and full sun we’ve got going on in the back of the house. I had no idea the transformation that was about to take place. Dan’s parents came out Tuesday evening to help plant and Megan (with the help of Simmons Farm) brought an entire truckload of flowers and ground plants, plus enormous hanging baskets that are absolutely beautiful and full of such bright and pretty summer flowers and vines. They’re already starting to take off, but I can’t wait to see them in a month when the vines have really started to grow in.

I only took a few pictures as of today of the front of the house and the flower bed. I’ll have to take a few of the back garden when we’re watering tonight. Honestly though, these pictures do not do the beauty of these plants justice. Just to walk out on the porch and see all the vibrant colors, and the grass which Dan has been working so feverously on has finally taken off and filled in – it just looks wonderful – like someone really lives here 🙂

Just wanted to share with all of you our new landscape. It makes you very much appreciate the little things in life and the beauty of the outdoors.





Hope you’re all having a great week!
xo – The Sterns

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