It’s all BLUE!

Oh, what a week(end) we’ve had! We had an amazing anatomy ultrasound on Saturday and at first thought we may not be able to tell for sure who was in there because the cord was in the way. But, with a few giggles to get baby moving, we saw HIM – It’s a BOY! Once …

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Month 5, Here We Come!

Can you even believe it? We’ve entered month 5 (week 17)! We (Dan and I) cannot. It’s unbelievable how time is flying. I remember thinking in January “it will be forever before March is here” and here we are half way though April, Easter around the corner, and 2 weeks away from being at the …

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16 Weeks & Counting!

I can’t believe that today marks Week 16 for Baby Stern. Time is flying by! I am reminded every day when I wake up, and this belly seems to be growing by the day, of this amazing gift from God that we are preparing to receive. It’s just amazing to me how in a little …

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Spring Expedition

We decided last week, spur of the moment, that we needed to get away. We had a bit of the “winter blues” which I think we’re all suffering from. We packed up the car and headed to MD/VA for some antique exploring, or “pickin” as we’d call it. I definitely wouldn’t call us the next …

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14 Weeks

I finally got around to purchasing a mirror and working on creating a chalkboard to document baby Stern’s progress. I didn’t have any luck, I think all the DIY spirits were working against me. The paint streaked and created lines on the first coat; I tried a different brush on the second coat, which seemed …

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Where are the tissues?

So lately everything has me a sappy mess. Whether I’m watching Puppies 101 or the Zillow commercial where the family’s buying a house and dad comes home from war. But I have to tell you, watching this 3 minute video really made me smile and cry. Take a gander. But I warn you, you made …

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