14 Weeks

I finally got around to purchasing a mirror and working on creating a chalkboard to document baby Stern’s progress. I didn’t have any luck, I think all the DIY spirits were working against me. The paint streaked and created lines on the first coat; I tried a different brush on the second coat, which seemed […]

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Where are the tissues?

So lately everything has me a sappy mess. Whether I’m watching Puppies 101 or the Zillow commercial where the family’s buying a house and dad comes home from war. But I have to tell you, watching this 3 minute video really made me smile and cry. Take a gander. But I warn you, you made

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Gender Reveal Date Set

The date has been set! For the first few months we went back and forth on whether of not we thought we should find out what we were having, or wait. For those of you who know me, I’m a planner – in every piece of my life, there’s a plan. So there’s no possible

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