A Reason For The Season

Today we pulled out all our Christmas decorations. Luke went with me and we picked out a new tree. Yes, we are decorating our home for the holiday season. To some it may seem to early. To others they may say “You’re crazy” or “You’re missing Thanksgiving.” Actually, no, we’re not. We will celebrate Thanksgiving

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One Year in Our Home

Today marks one year of being home owners. That’s crazy. I think about this time last year and we were so excited for so many things. I remember sitting in the car with Dan at Howard Hanna’s office after we “signed our life away” and holding this ring of keys and thinking about what was

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Easter Morning in Heaven 

Last Sunday as we sat in church for Palm Sunday mass, I was overcome with emotion thinking of what Heaven would be like for Easter and what beautiful sites Toby would see this week.  Can you imagine, seeing Jesus’ face on Easter morning? I cannot, but the thought of my beautiful son having the honor

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On This Journey – A perspective on paths, purpose, and worth

Let me tell you a story. I’ve been very lucky in my professional career. I have worked for some great companies that opened doors to even greater opportunities to advance my career in the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. I’ve had ups and downs over the past decade, but there was one constant –

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Bringing Home Baby

As I first time mom, I remember wondering if I should be reading every book and taking every piece of advice that anyone had to offer. The pressure is a little overwhelming, isn’t it? The new post on Pittsburgh Moms Blog talks about my scenario for bringing both boys home from the hospital. To say the

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All the Love

To the new mom who is running on two hours of sleep; no shower in a few days; same clothes you slept in from the day before; three week old baby asleep on your shoulder and the living room in front of you a mess from toys your two-year old has been playing with –

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Our 2017 Jar of Joy

We decided we needed to do something to brighten our days, since we’ve been in a bit of a funk since the New Year began. We have created a “Joy Jar” for our house. Some people say “happiness” or “blessings” but since we lost a huge part of our hearts and family, nearly 5 months

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We Bought A House!

This past Tuesday we closed on our first home! Yup, we made the big leap, while standing on the doorstep of welcoming our second little boy, and purchased a new-to-us home! We spent the last year and a half (yes, you read that correctly) looking at houses but were never able to find “the one.”

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