National Sibling Day

Today is National Sibling Day. ???????????? Today I want to take a moment and talk about our oldest son, Lucas. Luke turned two 10 days after Toby died. Many people said to us, when we expressed our fear and anxiety for him, “He’s too young, he won’t remember or understand.” Well, I’m here to show …

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Hold Tight To Your Umbrella

This little guy is 12 weeks old today. While this should be a celebrated milestone, my heart is heavy, my nerves are frazzled and on edge, and the anxiety running through me is intense. This was the last week we had Toby with us in our arms. Just a normal week, in our minds. Not …

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A Reason For The Season

Today we pulled out all our Christmas decorations. Luke went with me and we picked out a new tree. Yes, we are decorating our home for the holiday season. To some it may seem to early. To others they may say “You’re crazy” or “You’re missing Thanksgiving.” Actually, no, we’re not. We will celebrate Thanksgiving …

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Our Final Days

This is the last picture we have as a family of four.   I was forcefully reminded as I started my morning commute today that this is the week I hate. The recurring flashbacks of those final days for our family, of what we thought was a normal week. Crazy mornings trying to get Toby …

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To The Parents Preparing For School to Begin – A Note From A Grieving Family

Lucas will start Pre-K this fall. With his first school application, we had to write a letter about our family. I was absolutely not ready for this. I knew we’d have to do it one day and know this is only the start of these conversations with teachers, administration, coaches, and families that we will …

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18 Month Milestone

To our sweet boy, who would be 18 months old today: my mind lately is continually trying to visualize what you would look like today? I look at Lucas from that age and wonder, ‘would your hair be as straight? Or as blonde?’ I doubt it. I think you’d look very much like Daddy with …

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The Opportunity to Speak

We are overwhelmed with emotion from the last 24 hrs. When we started rallying the troops, nearly seven weeks ago, we had no idea the imprint we could make. This petition is out there and making strides because of the initial efforts of Barry Kluger and Kelly Farley, and their children who died. We are …

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Easter Morning in Heaven 

Last Sunday as we sat in church for Palm Sunday mass, I was overcome with emotion thinking of what Heaven would be like for Easter and what beautiful sites Toby would see this week.  Can you imagine, seeing Jesus’ face on Easter morning? I cannot, but the thought of my beautiful son having the honor …

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Raising for the Retreat

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