Bringing Home Baby

As I first time mom, I remember wondering if I should be reading every book and taking every piece of advice that anyone had to offer. The pressure is a little overwhelming, isn’t it? The new post on Pittsburgh Moms Blog talks about my scenario for bringing both boys home from the hospital. To say the […]

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A New Endeavor

I have spend the last few weeks very focused in prayer. That was one of my small goals for the year. It has been normal in these times to also talk to Toby. Tell him what is on my heart and ask for guidance or some sort of sign as to whether or not I

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Taking Things Slow

So often we spread ourselves thin with the intention of greatness. We set goals and write “to-do” lists. Many times I run through the evening thinking about all the things to do tomorrow to find its bed time again. Over the past few months I have been making a conscious effort to make the evening

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