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May 03, 2019

$3k for Toby’s Birthday!

We will celebrate Toby’s third birthday on May 27.

In his memory, we are on a mission to raise $3k for his third birthday. This money will go directly towards purchasing Owlet Smart Socks. We will be donating these to families who welcome a new baby between May 27 – August 24, in Toby’s memory

The best part? Owlet is again MATCHING the donations. So, if we raise enough money to purchase 2, 3, or 6 Smart Socks – Owlet will gift us an additional 2, 3, or 6 for donating!

These monitors DO NOT prevent SIDS. They are a tool to use IN ADDITION to the ABC’s of Safe Sleep. The Smart Socks provide “peace of mind” as parents bring newborns home, monitoring their heart rate and oxygen levels as they sleep. We want to be a part of providing that peace of mind for parents, in honor of Toby.
For more information on the Smart Socks, visit:

Will you help us raise #3kfortobysbirthday?

You can donate directly on our fb page or using the paypal link provided below.

We cannot buy gifts for Toby here on Earth, so we’re purchasing the Smart Socks to celebrate his life and passing these amazing monitors forward as a gift to new families, in his memory.