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July 30, 2019

Third Annual August Random Acts of Kindness Campaign

In 2017 we started a Random Acts of Kindness Campaign from August 1 -24, honoring the final weeks that Toby was here with us on Earth.

We are embarking on our third RAOK campaign and this year we are asking for you to help us pay it forward. We also are focusing our efforts on doing random acts of kindness within the Pittsburgh community, where our family lives, works, and plays.

You can download the RAOK Cards below. These are double-sided, business card size, leave-behinds that you can use when you do a RAOK during the month of August. There is also a “you found me” card that you can print to attach to things you may want to leave somewhere for a random person to find and brighten their day.

In 2018 we reached all 50 states with at least ONE random act of kindness being done to support our mission to honor Toby.

Can you help us make this goal a reality again? We’d love to see all 50 states receive a RAOK and Toby’s card to be spread across the country!

RAOC Card_Toby_2019_email size

^^download here^^

Don’t forget, if you do a random act of kindness, take a photo and post it to our Facebook or Instagram @thelittlefoxfoundation using the hashtags: #joyfortobystern #thelittlefoxfoundation #RAOK2019 #TAGYOURSTATE

If you tag your state we can keep track of which states are covered as the campaign progresses.

Follow us on social media for daily RAOK ideas or inspiration and remember, RAOK do not need to cost a lot of money or any as a matter of fact. Holding the door; loading groceries for someone at the store; taking in your neighbor’s mail; volunteering with a group for an hour. These are all great ways to do something kind for someone, without spending any money.

We can’t wait to see what the 2019 Random Acts of Kindness Campaign participants come up with!