Someone asked me once when I was talking about the Foundation, what it means to me to be powerful. It took me by surprise and it stuck with me for a while. Here’s my response:

We are ALL powerful in this world. We ALL have the ability to make an impact, no matter how long we are here. Toby is a true example of that. To be impactful doesn’t mean being measured by a number. It is measured how people’s lives are changed when they hear your story or see the work that you are doing from your heart.

We have the ability, every day, to change someone’s day and make them feel loved.

Toby’s story is shared because he was loved by so many and because his life mattered. His impact is felt, from Heaven, because his story is not done.

Today we will celebrate Toby and the success the Foundation has had in three years’ time. We could not be prouder of what we have been able to do with our grief and the death of our son.

We have successes, big and small, and are blessed by so many who share Toby, and celebrate him, every day.

We could not be more proud that we were chosen to be Toby’s parents. We pray that he sees that pride daily, from Heaven, and can feel our love and the love of his brothers, our family, friends.

“Where there is deep grief, there is great love.”