Nursery Preview

We did it! We really, really did it! (And we didn’t kill each other 🙂 )

We have finally finished painting the nursery. It took much longer than expected, and much more patience than we thought it would, but we got all the stripes up and pulled the painters tape off the other day and were so excited to see how great the stripes look!


In progress…


After 2.5hrs of taping and painting stripes

Then we were able to put the crib together! This was by far the easiest piece of furniture we’ve ever assembled. Ikea, take note: 8 pieces in the box + hardware + easy directions = happy people when the furniture is together in 10 minutes!


This crib came with the most obnoxious gold casters, so we opted for no casters until we could find ones that weren’t so “metallic”

We’re not fully complete, but we’re getting there – here’s some of the other details that have made there way into the space:
This will be hung up above the dresser here, but we didn’t want to put anything on the freshly painted walls yet 😉

Loving out bookcase that’s already filled!


We are so excited to look in the room every day and see how things are coming together for our baby boy. I wasn’t too sure about the rug, specifically the color, but now that we have it in there, I think it brings out the hint of blue that’s in the paint – which is perfect! I really would have never bought this online, but had been looking for months and was getting fed up with not being able to find anything that seemed like it would work. I walked into Marshalls a few weeks ago and voila! this rug was in there! I fell in love with it and had to at least bring it home and see if it would work in the room. We really love it and it’s a perfect size for filling the middle of the room. Best part – it’s dark enough that the dirt won’t be so obvious – yea for that!

What do you guys think of the rug?

We’ve still got some things to do – artwork for above the crib is ordered and the next big task is washing all the clothes so we can get the closet and dresser organized.

I think Baby Stern needs some more clothes, don’t you? Good think his mommy has a little boy shopping addiction (that will never change).

Yea for progress being made!

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