Nursey Visions & Color Swatches

We’ve been talking about nursery ideas for awhile now and we’ve settled on the main color – grey 🙂 For those of you who know me, I know, surprise – surprise. But, it’s honestly one of the easiest to pair an accent color with once we find out if we’ve got a boy or girl on the way. We had to go a few rounds on the shade of grey, but here’s some pictures of the final colors.

So we’re doing one wall of big stripes and these are the two colors:
Grey Paint Colors

And the darker color for the other 3 walls:
Darker Grey on Wall

It’s really bright in this room because it’s on the backside of the house and gets an enormous amount of sunlight during the day, so the colors will definitely be a bit brighter too. As for the accent colors, here’s some things that have caught our interest from Pinterest, but no absolute, hands-down decisions made yet. Although, I’m really loving the yellow.

mint green & yellow

yellow crib

purple nursery

And Dan’s loving this blue color. It’s growing on me 🙂

I think we’re in for some tough decisions over the next 6 weeks. We plan to paint in April and I’d love to have nursery furniture by then. We’re also not going with your normal nursery set. We picked an adorable crib and I’m on the hunt for a large dresser to double as a changing table. The room is rather small, so we’re going to utilize the large closet to store a good amount of things. That’s what’s next on the “to-do” list – cleaning out that closet. Yuck. One step at a time.

I’ll leave you with an updated belly pic. Yes, we’re still in sweats because spring has not yet arrived.
14 weeks_monday

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