Our Sincere Thanks


Dan and I are searching for the right words, but there just aren’t any, to express our thanks and appreciation for the overwhelming support for the loss of our baby boy.

There have been so many calls, texts, visitors, food, flowers, cards, gifts and of course prayers. Our hearts are so very heavy and we can’t think but a day ahead, but of this we are certain, Heaven gained the most innocent and beautiful angel that will be with all of us as we continue our journey through life. God has a plan for Toby that is far greater than we as parents could have ever dreamed of for him. I hope that one day we can see or understand that plan, but for now we can only pray for some sort of way for this sorrow to lessen or the heartache to dull.

When Toby was first born, I thought “I bet he will be quieter than Luke and just follow him around with a big smile on his face.” Now I know why I felt that way.

Hold your children tight and as often as you can. Spend as much time as you can with them, doing what they want to do. Sing with them; dance with them; laugh with them; eat dinner with them; talk to them; play outside with them and when you do, be fully there with them. We do not know what the next day holds or what story God has written for any of us. Time is not promised.

As we have only begun to grieve for our sweet boy, we ask that you keep us in your daily prayers in the months to come. We are experiencing heartbreak, emptiness, anger, sorrow, loneliness, confusion and so much sadness. It is only with God’s grace and blessings that we will somehow make it through each day.

Our sincere thanks,
Dan, Katie & Lucas

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