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Through the efforts of our supporters, The Little Fox – Toby’s Foundation is able to fulfill donation requests for Owlet Smart Socks, placing them in homes of families that have experienced a loss, families expecting multiples or pregnancy complications, or families that may not be able to afford an Owlet.

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  • Their Stories

    Owlet Families

    Our first is the Nassal Family is from Butler, Pa and is getting ready to welcome their third baby in the coming weeks.

    Ashley’s sister died from SIDS when she was very young and describes her family as “never the same.” She and her husband relate to having those worries for their own children and expressed how having an Owlet would help to curb some of those fears.

    We are happy to be able to provide a tool to help the Nassal family have peace of mind as they get ready to bring home their new baby.
    Congratulations, Ashley and Zac, and best wishes for a healthy and safe delivery as your family grows over the next few weeks.

  • Their Stories

    Owlet Families

    The Allen Family is our second recipient of the Owlet Smart Sock, which was generously donated to our give-a-way by a local Pittsburgh Family.

    The Allen’s lost their baby girl, Lyndi, in January due to the chromosomal disorder, Trisomy 13. During their pregnancy with Lyndi they had another family member lose their baby boy to SIDS.

    Rachel and Brandon Allen, from Tennessee, are currently expecting and preparing to welcome a new baby in December. They, along with their three other children, are excited for the new arrival, but as grieving parents, the pregnancy brings fears and hesitation.

    “I am terrified of losing another one of my children. We have wanted to get an Owlet smart sock to ease our mind once the baby comes, but the budget is tight with 3 other children and a baby on the way.”

    The Little Fox is happy to be able to provide the Allen Family with an Owlet Smart Sock so they can have peace of mind when they welcome their new baby in December.

    Congratulations, Rachel & Brandon, and best wishes for a healthy and safe delivery over the next few weeks.

    “Thank you so much for this gift in memory of your sweet boy. We are so thankful that you chose to give such an incredible gift during such immense pain in your own lives. We are so grateful for the Owlet Smart Sock and wouldn’t leave home without it!”

  • Their Stories

    Owlet Families

    “The Owlet has provided us with peace of mind knowing we can see that he is ok while sleeping or napping. It has eased an enormous amount of anxiety that comes with bringing a new baby home, especially in the first few months. We are so glad to have the Owlet in our home to monitor Jack.”

  • Their Stories

    Owlet Families

    “It gives us such a safe feeling. We can easily check the monitor at home or away and know that our son is safe and healthy.”

  • Their Stories

    Owlet Families

    “I received the owlet socks today and was so excited to see that box! We, along with our NICU Nurses, are over the moon that people like you exist. They truly believe that babies need these monitors. I honestly don’t think I would sleep at home without the security of those monitors. We will be forever grateful for your family and the foundation you’ve built on your dear Toby’s legacy. I will think of your sweet family every single time I put those socks on their feet!”

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