Searching for resources and support after the loss of a baby can be overwhelming. If you are a bereaved parent, or someone supporting a family member or friend, who has suffered the death of their baby, we hope that the resources listed on our website may offer some guidance as they start the journey. 

Finding the right educational resources on how to properly prepare for bringing a new baby home is also challenging. In today’s world there are a lot of recommendations on what products to use and buy for your newborn. We encourage parents-to-be and new parents to understand the safe ways to place your baby down for a nap or at bedtime, along with what resources are safe for use. Toby’s Foundation takes the safety of an infant very seriously and the resources we provide and suggest are done with the utmost belief in how they support and protect your little ones, even when they are within arms reach.

Grief Support Resources

Grief Support

SIDS Awareness Resources

SIDS Awareness

ABC’s of Safe Sleep


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