ABC's of Safe Sleep

The ABC’s of Safe Sleep is a helpful acronym to help parents ensure safe sleeping practices with their children. The ABC stands for Alone, Back, and Crib.


The baby should always be sleeping alone in the same room as the caregiver, as that is the safest place for them.


The baby should always be sleeping on its back, never in another position. This is until they can roll over on their own.


The baby should always sleep in an empty crib, meaning there are no loose items like toys or blankets while the baby is asleep.

Other safe sleeping tips include ensuring the mattress in the crib is firm, avoiding sleeping positioning devices as they can actually be dangerous to the infant if they slip out of it, don’t sleep in the same bed as your baby, keep the room cool to prevent overheating, and keep the room smoke and pollutant-free.

Unsafe Baby Products:

The new federal Safe Sleep for Babies Act will help get rid of potentially dangerous baby sleep products such as inclined sleepers, in-bed sleepers, infant loungers, crib bumpers, and others.

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