Spring Expedition

We decided last week, spur of the moment, that we needed to get away. We had a bit of the “winter blues” which I think we’re all suffering from. We packed up the car and headed to MD/VA for some antique exploring, or “pickin” as we’d call it. I definitely wouldn’t call us the next “Mike & Frank” but we found some places I’m sure they’d love to explore. We had a great weekend, walked a ton, so I was extra exhausted by the end of the day but the bed was so comfortable and it was so quite there, especially with no puppies stirring early in the morning, that we felt very rested after the get-a-way.

I wanted to show some of the cool places we ventured into on our expedition:
This is Lucketts General Store – what a cool place. You could spend hours and hours in there between their antiques, refurbished furniture, house decorations, stained glass, and more. Here’s some views of these outside little rooms that were filled to the gills with cool stuff too:
And we stumbled upon this pile of rocks, literally. Look at the cool sign that was with them explaining their history!
We’ve been talking about sprucing up our front yard and what to do with it. We have this awful patch of grass along the porch that just will not grow for anything so we wanted to do some mulching and edging around there. We thought, why not use these for that project and bring a piece of Pittsburgh history to our home? (more about these later…)

On Saturday we went to Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve to do some hiking. It was raining a good bit, and rather cold, but we didn’t let that slow us down.
We were getting a little soaked here :)

Pretty cool view down into one part of the Preserve from where we were standing

Looks a little more like fall here, but such a pretty picture I had to share it.

From there we ventured off into the town of Aldie and then back into Middleburg, VA where we were staying. For those of you who don’t know about Middleburg, it’s a small quaint town with a ton of history from the colonial area. There are quite a few B&B’s throughout the town, but we stayed at the Red Fox Inn – the oldest operating B&B in the US (Est. 1728). Great place with a lot of old charm and excellent food.


You’re also in the middle of horse country (and wine country – if you can partake!), so there’s little pieces of equestrian life sprinkled throughout the town.

We had a great weekend exploring the back hills of Virginia and meeting lots of friendly people. However, we couldn’t get those paving stones out of our minds and what we could do with those gems. So in the midst of a torrential downpour, we stopped on our way back through Lucketts and loaded them up in the car. Totally worth the muddy shoes and hands! And now they await one of the next projects on our list – the front yard rehab. Which, if spring ever decides to arrive we’ll be able to tackle that enormous project.

Sorry for the picture heavy post, but we had such a great time and explored some awesome places – I wanted to share that with everyone (and of course document for the future). Here’s a picture of me from Saturday and you can really see my belly bulging through my jacket :)

Oh, I almost forgot! Dan found a snack which he was so excited about. I on the other hand about lost my lunch at the sight of these – bacon topped doughnuts. You can see from the expression on his face he enjoyed every last bite (also saying that if you nuke them for a few seconds they’re all the more delicious!)

Happy Thursday!

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