Toby’s Memory Chest

A few months ago we decided to have a chest made for Toby to hold all of his special things that have been in the nursery for 2 years. We wanted it to be special and a place where we could collect things for him, from him, about him and about the Foundation, while also […]

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A New Endeavor

I have spend the last few weeks very focused in prayer. That was one of my small goals for the year. It has been normal in these times to also talk to Toby. Tell him what is on my heart and ask for guidance or some sort of sign as to whether or not I

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Happy Six Months, Toby!

I can’t believe Toby was six months yesterday. I must have closed my eyes a dozen times, trying to imagine what he would look like now. I wish I knew what he would have liked right now. I watched our nieces over the Thanksgiving holiday and kept thinking, “He should be right here on the

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