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The Artist Behind The Little Fox Logo

We wanted to take the opportunity to spotlight the artist behind our logo, which has been in use since August.

I’ve known Jessi Evans for 20 years (or close to it). We grew up together and she is one of my sisters dearest friends. Let me tell you a little more about Jessi – she’s the sweetest, most caring women, you will meet. She puts her heart into everything she does. She is a true artist and her work is so beautiful. You’ll see pieces of her work sprinkled throughout Pittsburgh. And, if you’re lucky enough to know her well, you are able to spot something she’s done very quickly. It’s also something you’re most likely buying or planning to put in your home.

Jessi Evans and Penny
Jessi & Penny

When we started thinking about the design and brand for The Little Fox, we knew we wanted it to be playful and fun. We wanted people to look at it and wonder about the meaning behind the fox.

Toby at one month old

Jessi came to visit us, talked through our thoughts and what we were hoping to see in a finished logo. We talked about Toby. She asked about our time with him – things parents would remember in a heartbeat. Things grieving parents never forget. She asked to see his room and as I cried standing in it, next to his crib, telling her about the happy times we had as a family in there with Toby, she stood next to me, crying too. We knew when she left that she would do an amazing job, but I don’t think we were prepared for how emotional it would be.

She researched foxes, artwork, the meaning behind a fox as a symbol. I remember one day Jessi sent me a text with this:


Show me the hidden paths between the worlds. To bring magic to my life.

I thought – wow, so fitting.

Over the next few months, the brand started to take shape through Jessi’s talents. We went back and forth because the drafts she was sending were all good. We had to focus on what we wanted to be able to do with the logo – what we would use it for and figure out what would work.

Sketches as logo was developing

The final images were exactly what we imagined. When we looked at them, we smiled. Luke liked them and immediately associated Toby with them.

The Little Fox | Toby’s Foundation (c) Official Logos

August’s RAOK Campaign brought the opportunity to introduce one of the logos and it was met with such love and excitement from everyone.

We know this logo is one that represents Toby’s legacy and his foundation in a joyful way. Exactly what we wanted.

Jessi – we can’t thank you enough for working with our family to make this dream a reality. As you do with anything, you took this piece and made it personal. You took my and Dan’s vision and created a beautiful representation of our sweet Toby.

You can check out many of Jessi’s pieces at The Farmer’s Daughter on the East Ohio Street in Pittsburgh, as well as on their website, Etsy and Facebook page.

Jessi Evans Artwork and Lettering
One of Jessi’s gorgeous lettering pieces at The Farmer’s Daughter Flower Shop in Pittsburgh