Willow’s Wish

Willow’s Wish is a heartfelt initiative dedicated to honoring the memory of Willow Heater and supporting grieving families who have experienced the loss of a baby. Founded by Willow’s mom, Beth Porterfield, the project aims to help families celebrate their baby’s birthday each year, providing comfort and solace during a difficult time. Willow’s own story is one of love and joy, as she brought happiness to those around her during her 109 days on earth. Through the ‘Willow’s Wish Birthday Initiative,’ donations will fund the creation and delivery of birthday cards and gifts to these families, ensuring that their baby’s special day is remembered and celebrated.

The fundraiser will launch on March 30, 2024, and run for 10 days to gather support for the cause, to coincide with Willow’s heavenly birthday on April 8th.

Donations received will cover the expenses of crafting personalized cards, selecting meaningful gifts, and handling the shipping to each family. Participants are encouraged to contribute in honor of Willow’s 10th Heavenly Birthday, commemorating her legacy and extending kindness to others in her memory.

The Little Fox Toby's Foundation supporting Willow's Wish
A memorial birthday project through The Little Fox - Toby's Foundation

The Little Fox Toby's Foundation supporting Willow's WishAdditionally, the project invites engagement through a Facebook event where well-wishers can leave birthday messages for Willow, offering solace and support to her family as they cherish her memory. Through Willow’s Wish, the the Porterfield and Heater families seek to keep Willow’s spirit alive, through the support of Toby’s Foundation, while providing comfort and support to families navigating the journey of grief while continuing to honor their baby. 

"On April 8th, 2014, I became a first time mom, a girl mom. To be honest, most days I don't remember what life was like before her. For 109 days, I experienced some of the best days of my life. Moments that I replay in my mind often. The joy that Willow brought to not just me, but everyone who encountered her was infectious, always smiling and cooing. In 109 days, she impacted so many lives. My hope is to continue to honor and share Willow's story, to help families continue to honor and celebrate their baby's birthday each year."
The Little Fox Foundation
Beth Porterfield, Willow’s Mom
The Little Fox Toby's Foundation supporting Willow's Wish
The Little Fox Toby's Foundation supporting Willow's Wish
The Little Fox Toby's Foundation supporting Willow's Wish

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